Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas Wishlist!

My Wishlist
Well as you all know, its coming up to my favorite time of the year...Christmas! So i thought i'd create a wishlist to show all of you guys what i am getting hoping to get in five days! 

I am totally in love, with this jumper. Only £25! A great high street bargain. I need an new jumper, and i think this will be perfect to wear, for my Christmas eve family dinner! The badger is just so cute not to buy...! 
As for the blazer... well you can never have to many blazers can you? You can wear blazers for every outfit and this one is so simple you can wear it with an white strappy top or an dress! 

As soon as i laid eyes on this necklace i knew that it was simply an must have!  The necklace is from dainty dolly mix, just visit her blog as she sells amazing things!

Accessories *sigh*. I am running out of room in my wardrobe to put them! I suppose i will just be able to make some room, as its only little...The make up bag is from River Island and is only £10! Who can resist an make up bag as cute as this for only £10?! 

Aren't the slipper gorgeous? They are Jack Wills and only $49 euros, so in pounds that about....£41?! I know, you can get slippers with near enough the same pattern and considerably a lot cheaper, but imagine having the pleasure of walking around knowing that you are wearing good quality, jack wills slippers... 

The ring is from new look, and although i already have loads of rings one more for an measly £5.99 won't hurt anyone...! Its from New Look and it caught my eye when i was out shopping with   my friend ( True Louise) but unfortunately i had spent the last of my money on Barry M, nail varnish.



  1. Ive been wanting a scrabble necklace for so long now! Love them :) x